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The Fashion of Gloves



Gloves have become all the rage lately. They are now the "new" knitting/crochet project for on the go people.  A small amount of yarn, a set of double pointed needles, circulars, or a crochet hook, and a pattern is all that is really required.  Gloves are a great stash buster since there are bunches of patterns that cover a wide variety of yarns.  From conservative to full out fantasy, gloves and their yarns run the gamut.  But why gloves?  What has made them last as an accessory through out the centuries?

Gloves have stood the test of time.  They have been used as protection, fashion statements, mementos of love, and for passing secret messages.  Both men and women have worn them through the centuries.  While in current fashion trends, gloves are not a high priority item, they are still a trendy women's fashion accessory.


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