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The Fashion of Gloves

Gloves have become all the rage lately. They are now the "new" knitting/crochet project for on the go people.  A small amount of yarn, a set of double pointed needles, circulars, or a crochet hook, and a pattern is all that is really required.  Gloves are a great stash buster since there are bunches of [...]

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No Tip Toeing around, Whimsical Yarns can really Sock it to you.

If you love to knit socks or just new to sock knitting, you are following a great historical tradition. The oldest knitted artifacts are socks from Egypt, dating from the 4th century. They are done in a very fine gauge, and knitted in a complex colorwork pattern with a short row heel. By the 15th Century, [...]

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Whimsical means....

whimsical ˈ(h)wimzikəl/adjective1.playfully quaint or fanciful, especially in an appealing and amusing way."a whimsical sense of humor"synonyms:fanciful, playful, mischievous, waggish, quaint, quizzical, curious, droll,fantastical, Seussian;

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